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Welcome to the world of The Lil' Five! Join Leo, Kitty, Ellie, Rox and Hoofer as they embark on adventures that will capture your imagination.
From vine forests to the Black Caves, pirate coves to mountain monkey villages - a whole new world full of adventure, excitement and danger awaits.

The Lil' Five is the first creator-owned publication by Cape Town-based creative studio: They Did This!

Secret of the Black Cave is intended to be the first of a series of Lil' Five adventures. They Did This! aim to make The Lil' Five as synonymous with South Africa as Asterix is to France and TinTin is to Belgium.
The first Graphic Novel debuted in October 2012.
The second book was released May 3 2014.
FanCon 2016 saw the launch of the first "Lil' Five Paw Prints", a series of short stories that will be seperate to or fill gaps between the current storylines running in the longer graphic novels.
The Lil Five lil 5
​Meet The Lil' Five: Leo, Rox, Ellie, Kitty & Hoofer.
The Lil Five lil 5
Size and dimensions of a standard Lil' Five graphic novel
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